Hot Desking 101: a quick guide

Discover the benefits of hot desking to help you decide if it’s right for you in this era of hybrid work.

We have become accustomed to the flexibility of remote work, but there still has benefit in bringing your staff into the office — better collaboration, unplanned discussions, and a location for concentrated work when they need it. 

However, if each person has their own desk that they only use a few days a week, you will have a lot of wasted space. Hot desking is now the ideal answer for businesses transitioning to hybrid work.

On paper, hot desking appears simple, but in fact, it is more difficult to accomplish. You will quickly have a hectic office and angry staff if you do not have a practical strategy to handle desk sharing.

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Photo by Chris Montgomery on Unsplash

在過去一年中,我們見證着辦公室文化的重大變化。例如蘋果公司近日公布準備今年9月,實行的全新辦公模式,要求員工一週內至少有三天必須回到辦公室工作,但不少蘋果員工發起連署,希望向公司爭取更充分的彈性辦公模式。微軟最新的《Microsoft 2021 工作趨勢指數報告》亦都指出,66%香港僱員希望繼續維持靈活的辦公模式,65%的香港企業領袖亦計劃也為未來實行混合辦公模式而重新設計辦公室。


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