How do S’pore enterprises implement the best workplaces?

This article will list two of the top examples of the best workplaces and how they implement the best workplaces in Singapore.

  • This article will list two of the top examples of the best workplaces and how they implement the best workplaces in Singapore.
  • The key factors of the best workplaces: people-oriented and high flexibility.

Nowadays, global employees are used to working flexibly because of the pandemic. Flexible working, i.e. hybrid working, allows the employees to decide to work at flexible locations, flexible hours, and flexible workflow by themselves. Employees can benefit from flexible working, such as having a work-life balance and improving their productivity. 

The reasons are that a flexible work schedule allows employees to have more time to incorporate personal life needs with the work schedule, work flexibly and ensure they finish their job on time, thus having high productivity. 

The best Singapore workplaces: Cisco Singapore and Salesforce

The best workplace list, which is reported by Great Place to Work® Institute Inc., shows that the top 1 and 2 of 2021 Singapore’s best workplace in tech are Cisco Singapore and Salesforce.

Cisco Singapore

Cisco is a worldwide leader in technology, 96% of Singapore employees at Cisco said it is a great place to work. Andy Lee (The Managing Director for Singapore and Brunei at Cisco) said, ”In the past year at Cisco, we have embraced a hybrid workstyle for decades and the wellbeing of our employees has always been a top priority.”

He mentioned that the key factor of the best workplace should be people-oriented. Cisco focuses on how to re-build into the best offices, including designing meeting rooms, quiet cars, and hot-desking with office management systems for the employees to improve their productivity.

In the list, it shows 97% of Cisco Singapore employees said that they have been given the resources and equipment to do their job. Therefore, a hybrid office can help Cisco to retain talents.


Salesforce, the world’s most trusted customer relationship management (CRM) platform, has also been named among the top three Best Workplaces in Singapore by Great Place to Work in past seven years. In the list, 91% of employees at Salesforce said it is a great place to work.

Salesforce said: “80% of our employees are hungry for the connection, camaraderie, and innovation that come from gathering in person.”

Salesforce provides meeting areas, even virtual meeting tools, and office management systems to conduct meetings for different employees to exchange technical skills and gather.

In the list, 95% of Salesforce employees said the Salesforce hybrid office facilities contribute to a good working environment. This shows that Salesforce focuses on using office management systems and communication software to provide a people-oriented working environment to improve their employees’ capabilities.

Why do Singapore employees need flexible working?

The first reason is Singaporeans think that spending time with family is more important than work. In a study by the Institute of Policy Studies in Singapore, 81% of Singapore employees said that flexible working allows them to have time to attend to their family needs. 42% of workers who prefer flexible work arrangements would consider quitting if they were forced to go to the office most days.

This shows that work-life balance is how important to them. As flexible working allows them to decide their own work schedule and work location, it can help them prevent the above-mentioned issue. 

The second reason is Singapore employees have lots of pressure on their work, such as the stress of C-level execs monitoring, and the stress could make them have lower productivity. The study also shows that 67% of Singapore employees said that flexible working can help them prevent the pressure from socializing with their colleagues.

Flexible workflow allows the employees to focus on their jobs because they can arrange their own work method to prevent disruptions from other people, and then improve their productivity. Robert Half, a recruitment agency, found that a total of 60 percent of HR directors have seen an increase in work productivity when employees work flexibly in Singapore.  

Flexible working is a people-oriented working method for Singapore employees as it provides flexible work schedules to satisfy the Singaporean’s needs that spend more time with family. Also, allowing Singapore employees to set their own flexible workflow, which can improve their productivity by preventing unnecessary.

Therefore, companies such as Cisco and Salesforce in Singapore are using flexible working in their office now to implement a people-oriented workplace for all of their people.

A perfect system for hybrid working in Singapore: Bookings ONE

A hybrid office should use a comprehensive office management system, which helps Singapore employees use office resources efficiently, such as rooms, desks, and office equipment, and support them have remote work and virtual meetings with their colleagues in the office.  

If you are the company director in Singapore, using the management systems can help you consider how to reduce the operational cost such as reducing the office workspace and fulfilling the expectations of both employees and administrators.

Bookings ONE, one of the famous management systems, can help you to easily implement hybrid working at ease.  You can easily perform virtual meetings, desk-hoteling, and digital office management with our Room Booking, Desk Booking, and Visitor Management features. 

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