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All-in-one Smart Office System

ONES provides an all-in-one smart office system that supports from 1 room to multiple buildings, help you managing the booking and scheduling of your workspaces, compatible with various working environments.
All-in-one smart office system - ONES
Your all-in-one workspace solution.
Our smart office system provides high flexibility for your office management, enables ease of collaboration, ensures a high data security level via Microsoft Azure, and gives you the confidence to create the best office experience for your people.
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At i-Control, we're always on the lookout for smart office solutions that can help our clients manage their operations more efficiently. That's why we're excited to distribute ONES, a flexible and user-friendly room booking system that simplifies the process of managing meeting rooms and office spaces. "
- Dennis Yung, Head of Technical Service at i-Control Ltd
Tools for smart office

Room booking

Integrate all your meeting room, facility management into one user-friendly solution that gives users a better booking and scheduling experience.
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Desk booking

Provide a more agile office by introducing digital desk booking platform, make the office more accessible for everyone.
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Visitor management

Greet your guests with agile sign-in system on a tablet, and notify your employee for the visitor arrival.
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Support & Service

Provide full support and service for your office that gives everyone a great smart office experience.
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Smart office equipments
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