ONES Smart Office System Case Study: Large-scale Cultural District

How to perform digital transformation for a Large-scale Cultural District?

Business Type: Arts and Culture
Main users: Thousands of employees and millions of visitors per year
Features: Visitor access system

Case Study:

The client is a major cultural district in Hong Kong. This cultural district includes several large venues and office buildings, and the estimated number of visitors to their venue is over 4.5 million per year. In order to enhance the visitor flow and analyze visitor data effectively, the client has adopted the visitor management features of ONES smart office platform to provide an efficient and stable visitor experience.

With ONES, the administrators can control the entire visitation process, from inviting visitors, setting up meetings, sending visitation emails, signing in and out upon arrival, and analyzing post-visit data, etc., all from our smart office platform. Users can also easily search in the ONES calendar for past and future invitations, as well as contact information for inviters and visitors, to help handle piles of visitor information.

Administrators are able to give their staff appropriate access to different areas of the district and their roles (e.g., receptionist, system administrator, etc.) so that staff in charge of different areas and functions can access only the part they are responsible for, avoiding unnecessary administrative confusion. Administrators are also able to set up approval procedures for some high-security areas to enhance security measures within the campus.

ONES also provide the receptionist with an accessory for the visitors. The receptionist can register visitors’ information upon arrival, fill out customized questionnaires, contact invitees, print out visitors’ ID labels, and export visitors’ records for storage and analysis, which greatly reduces the receptionist’s daily workload and helps to minimize the processing time and improve the visitors’ experience.

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