Newsletter: ONES ver. 2.11.1 release

An announcement of ONE version 2.11.1 release.

We proudly announce that our smart office platform ONES version 2.11.1 was released on 9 Nov 2023.

Feature Improvement

In the minor update, we will have the following improvements:

  • Add an Import image button on the floor plan editor to allow users to import an image as the floor image 
  • Add a Time zone button on the booking form to allow users to switch their time zone if they are in a different time zone
  • Add IP restriction to the policy to limit access from other IP addresses. Users will only be able to remotely check in on the user app or scan the QR code on the E-paper using the specified IP address 
  • Add more data to be shown in the visitor overview report 

Bug fixing

In the minor update, we will have the following bug fixes:

  • Fix the bug where the “Invite visitor” feature of the Add-in incorrectly identifies an email address containing uppercase letters as an internal user
  • Fix the bug where the visitor badge cannot display the full name of the visitor when the visitor’s name is too long