The Best 5 Taiwan Room Booking Systems In 2022

This is about Taiwan Room Booking Systems, and the lists of features of best 5 Taiwan Room Booking Systems in 2022.

Room Booking

All You Need To Know The Features Of The Room Booking this year

The trend of future working methods – Hybrid work 

According to the report Workforce of the Future (未來工作力研究報告) of Cisco, most of the staff in Taiwan would like to Work-From-Home (WFH) because of Covid 19. The implementation of telecommuting has had a positive impact on employees in Taiwan.  

Some companies around the world allow employees to work from home for half of their office time. Dropbox announced that they will reduce office space to accommodate flexible work. Spotify announced its work-from-home program, which lets employees globally choose to work in an office, remotely, or at a coworking space.  Microsoft also announced that employees can now work from home up to 50% of the time. 

As you see, hybrid working (混合式工作) , a working style that mixes work-from-office and work in the office, has become the trend of future working methods. A Room Booking System (RBS) (房間管理系統) can help you to adopt a hybrid working style. 

The feature list of the TOP 5 Room Booking Systems in Taiwan 

  • Bookings ONE 
  • ATEN 
  • Ragic 
  • IMage UCMS 


ONELAN uses Reserva system to improve workspace utilization and ROI. The features of ONELAN: 

  1. Alert notification: notify managers of the status of equipment in the meeting room; 
  1. Auto-Release Room: notification of meeting room usage time and automatic cancellation if late (instant booking for others);  
  1. Room Display: Show all details and three colors show the room condition; 

2.Bookings ONE 

Bookings ONE offers functionality for bookings of a meeting room with office equipment and services and provides a 3D floorplan for a clean view of availability and reservations. We work with Microsoft Outlook for the ease of room booking.  

The features of Bookings ONE: 

  1. Centralized and user-friendly platform: Providing an informative schedule calendar and an interactive 3D floor map, also suitable for mobile and desktop.   
  1. Multi-channel for booking: Booking on mobile apps, web browsers, room display, floor display, kiosk, Microsoft Outlook, and Teams;  
  1. Customizable policy: Provides room setting (capacity, amenity, location, service etc.) and the quota setting. Allow users to set the advanced permission to allow specific staff to use rooms;  
  1. Centralized management: Managing from a room to multiple buildings on the same platform;  
  1. No-show Auto-Release function (自動釋出房間功能): Automatically keep your rooms from being empty when the meeting is a “ghost meeting”;  
  1. Customizable room service (自訂服務): Support your request for special room service before the meeting and notify related staff for the service support. 

Booking a room is now an enjoyable experience with our room booking system. Moreover, we provide a visitor management system (訪客管理系統) and hot-desk booking service (辦公桌預約功能), ensuring your office easily adapts to a hybrid working style. 


ATEN RBS seamlessly integrates with leading calendar systems such as Microsoft 365 to automatically sync appointment information from the device to the mail server.  The features of ATEN: 

  1. A customizable interactive interface: Customizable background, exclusive corporate logo, fashionable appearance, etc;  
  1. Room Panel: Quick searching suitable rooms and show the details of rooms;  
  1. Centralized management: Manage multiple meeting rooms, even across branch offices and overseas offices;  
  1. Supported service: Software update service and support different kinds of language. 

ATEN also offers a variety of charging docking stations for your office. 


Ragic system can intergrade the data and help your company to build up a database. The features of Ragic:  

  1. Free templates: Lots of management templates for you to download if you use them;  
  2. Latest statistical technology: They have a unique way to build a database of rooms; 
  3. Easy-to-use interface: Show the details clearly, ensure you are easy to view for management; 
  4. Alert notification: notify managers or the staff about the latest changes in rooms. 

Ragic manages rooms with a proprietary Room Booking Management system. 

5.IMage UCMS 

IMage Room Booking Management System provides a full range of management mechanisms, making users feel like they have a full-time management assistant. The features of IMage: 

  1. Easy management: Help you to arrange meetings, send meeting notices, connect to video conferences and sign up for meetings; 
  2. Face Recognition: Protecting the use of the room from being used by others; 
  3. Authority: Setting the advanced permission to allow specific staff to use rooms; 
  4. Meeting Room List: Show the available rooms by room display.  

IMage UCMS focuses on room management and security. 

To conclude, these systems can let you work efficiently. Choose one wisely to suit your hybrid work office now. 

ONEs Software now has a dedicated page to introduce a series of smart office measures to help you solve problems. You may wish to go to A Complete Guide for Room Booking System Now – ONEs Blog for further reference. 

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