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Getting start

ONES provide 4 kinds of integration method for the user single-sign-on purpose, which can help you to easily manage the system and users through the integration. Which integration should be chosen depends on the network security, the level for permission you grant to ONES and also the service your organization used.

Of course, the more functionality & feature to be included in ONES, a higher level of access right is required to be granted to ONES.

For users who ONLY use hot-desk and visitor management modules

We recommend users who only use hot-desk and visitor management modules can use Active directory to avoid security concerns on authentication of access right to ONES.

Microsoft 365
Active directory
Exchange server
Google workspace (Coming soon)

Comparison of different integration

Office 365Exchange ServerActive Directory with LDAPSingle sign on Only
Single sign on mechanismOAuthADFSADFS / LDAPADFS
Support Outlook add-inFull functionFull functionPartially supportPartially support
Show Bookings ONE's Bookings in Outlook calendarYesYesYes 1Yes 1
User account synchronizationMicrosoft GraphExchange PowershellLDAPNo synchronization
Synchronize (2-way) User's appointment to Exchange 2YesYesNoNo
Synchronize (2-way) Exchange Room's appointment to ExchangeYesYesNo 3No 3
Allow create booking in Outlook directly 4YesYesNoNo
Permission requirementAzure Active Directory Application with Microsoft Graph User.Read.All, Place.Read.All,Group.Read.All and Calendars.ReadWrite permissionsService account with ApplicationImpersonation and View-Only Recipients permissionService account with LDAP ReadOnly permissionNo permission requirement
ProsFully integration with Office365, can reserve the resource through outlook directly, and create Teams meetingFully integration with Exchange server, can reserve the resource through outlook directlyNo permission & access need for Exchange serverNo access permission require, no access require to Active directory
ConsHigh user access permission requireHigh user access permission requireCannot use existing room / equipment in Exchange serverCannot use existing room / equipment in Exchange server. User account will be created only when the user first time login, difficult to pre-assign the booking permission to user

  1. The system can allow create booking in Outlook directly without support of Outlook add-in
  2. If not using Exchange server's Rooms / Equipment, we suggest not to create / disable all existing Rooms and Equipments in Exchange server to prevent user get confused.
  3. Not only the Booking with the room / equipment, all appointment in user's Outlook will be synchronized into Bookings ONE
  4. Bookings ONE server will send email with iCal to organizer and attendees, the bookings information will import into their Outlook calendar automatically