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About Player

Bookings ONE room booking player

Player is a terminal to connect to the Bookings ONE server. User can view the office status, check-in, check-out or extend booking on the different player devices. There are several type of players for different purposes:

For guide of player set-up, please refer to Connect to server.

Remote Connection

ONES Admin Console can receive the following device information: Operation System name and version, build version, Manufacturer, Processor, Core/Thread, Status Update Date, IP Address, Mac Address, Power, Processor, Processor Temperature, Memory, Storage After connection, devices will show the room name, status, and other information.

Information shown in Admin Console

Users can check-in, check-out, and extend their bookings on the device, and all the related configuration in server will synchronize to the device in real-time. The devices will also automatically update when the system has any version update.