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How to install Docker (Community edition) on Windows server (2019 or above)

  1. Download Docker for Window Installer
  2. Double click the Docker for Window Installer, installation will start
  3. After finished, click OK
  4. Double click the Docker desktop app
  5. Click the edit button
  6. Click Resources
  7. Remain 2 CPU and 4GB Memory for windows server e.g. (If total have 8 CPU and 16GB RAM, assign 6CPU and 12GB RAM to Docker)
  8. Click Apply & Restart

How to configure host table, modify docker-compose.yml:

  1. Add the following code into the docker-compose.yml file after the port configurations
- 443:443
- ""
- ""

Spacing are very important for yml file, please keep the same indention in the sample.

  1. Add hostname mappings based on your case
  2. Stop Bookings ONE by running command docker-compose down
  3. Update and restart Bookings ONE by running command docker-compose up

How to configure shared drive?

  1. Modify docker-compose.yml, replace the volumes setting by - shared-drive:/etc/bookings-one
  2. Add the following code at the end of the yml file
driver: local
type: cifs
device: "\\\\{{SHARE_DRIVE_SERVER}}\\bookings-one-shared"
o: addr={{SHARE_DRIVE_SERVER}},user={{SHARE_DRIVE_USERNAME}},password={{SHARE_DRIVE_PASSWORD}},file_mode=0777,dir_mode=0777

  1. Fill in {{SHARE_DRIVE_SERVER}} with shared drive address
  2. Fill in {{SHARE_DRIVE_USERNAME}} and {{SHARE_DRIVE_PASSWORD}} with corresponding username and password