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About iOS App

iOS Application is the mobile platform for user to access Bookings ONE User App. For users, they can receive notification via this iOS App. For administrator, this iOS App allow them to control multiple Bookings ONE sites easily on single platform.

You can download the Bookings ONE to your iPhone in the Apple App Store:

Basic set-up

After you download the app for App Store, you need to link up the corresponding server with the application for usage.

  1. When you open the application for the first time, the app will suggest you to add a new server first.

  1. When you add a new server, you can choose to add the basic cloud domain that provided by ONEs, or add a custom domain that defined by your side. You need to input a domain name to the field to connect to the server. The app will show the login page of that domain after adding the server.
Cloud domainCustom domain

Add/Edit other server

You can add or switch to another server. First, you can go back to the App main menu by:

When login, go to Profile pageWhen logout, click "Back"

Once you go back to App main menu, you can see the list of the servers that have been added to the App, and you can add, edit and delete server in this page.

App main menuRemove a server linkage