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Greet your guests with agile sign-in system on a tablet, and notify your employee for the visitor arrival.
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Visitor management for the modern front desk
Bookings ONE offers full functionality for visitor managment, from pre-registration, visitor arrival to data analytics.
1. Pre-registration
Help your team to know who will meet via booking notification, and send invitation email to guests in advance.
2. Seamless sign-in process
At front desk, your guests simply sign-in on a tablet, confirm the NDA, and will be recorded into the system.
3. Vistior badge printing
Print out the badge with QR code after sign-in, allow visitor to access facilities with advanced setting.
4. Notification
Notify your staff when their visitor arrive.
5. Digital visitor log
View every visitor instant records and improve the visitor experience via data analytics.
Turn your office into a smart workspace
We can show you how Bookings ONE can help to integrate smart office technologies into your business.
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