Visitor management module

Greet your guests with agile sign-in system on a tablet, and notify your employee for the visitor arrival.
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Visitor management for the modern front desk
Impress your visitors by providing a fast and simple way for them check-in via a self service kiosk, while you can focus on giving them a warm greeting.
Self-service kiosk
When a visitor arrives, they can scan their QR code from their invite message to check-in on the kiosk.
How does it help your visitors?
Bookings ONE offers full functionality for visitor managment, from pre-registration, visitor arrival to data analytics.
  • Pre-registration
    Help your team to know who will meet via booking notification, and send invitation email and questionnaire to guests in advance.
  • Seamless sign-in process
    At front desk, your guests can simply sign-in on a tablet. This will be automatically recorded into the system.
  • Vistior badge printing
    Print out the badge with QR code after sign-in, allow visitor to access facilities with advanced setting.
  • Guided by the floor map
    A floor map is displayed on the self-service kiosk, indicating the location of the meeting for visitors.
  • Visitor arrival notification
    Notify your staff via email /mobile when their visitor arrive, help them to prepare a warm greeting.
  • Digital visitor log
    After each visiting, your staff can view every visitor instant records and improve the visitor experience based on the data analytics.
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