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Fully support your visitor.

ONES has all of the tools you need for your office, from check-in to approval, security, compliance, and more.
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Fully support your visitor.

Visitor management


Visitor Calendar >

You will be notified on your phone and panel upon visitor check-in. Get your real time updates and create invitation at ease.
  • Instant access to your visitor records
  • Show all your visitor records on the calendar
  • Search your visitor with few clicks
  • Easily review each guest's previous visits.
  • Invite your visitor at once or periodically

Reception >

When visitors arrived, receptionist can quickly find their record, help them check-in within few minutes.
  • Show all the visitor record of current position
  • Easy to review upcoming guest visit record
  • Search your visitor by scanning check-in code
  • Choose which visitor data you need at a glance
  • Filter and export visitor details with a click
  • Print visitor badge for your guest to visit
  • Allow visitor on-site registration


With registration, your team knows who to expect, sends arrival information to visitors, and expedites sign-in.
  • Easily create registration with few clicks
  • Create a list of new and expected visitors
  • Select the perfect timeslot and location for the visit
  • Support one-time and recurring visiting
  • Pick your suitable visiting purpose
  • Let your guests provide check-in data before they arrive
  • Send the invitation email / SMS to notify your guests
  • Customize your own invitation email templates
  • Allow proxy visitor invitation
  • One click to copy the visit details

Visitor badge

Badges are great for onsite security, and they can be customized to meet your compliance requirements.
  • Set your logo on the badge
  • Include visitor details and check-in code on the badge
  • Preprint and reprint the badges by 1-click
  • Advanced security by badge expiration

Visitor approval

Approve or deny the visiting based on blacklist screening and visitor information.
  • Blacklist the visitor if need
  • Set approval based on location
  • Assign approver for visitor screening
  • Notify host for approval status
  • Guard from unapproved visit

Check out

Check out details provide overview of who is on site or no show, useful for emergency preparedness and compliance.
  • Self checkout using the self-service panel
  • Help your visitor to check out via reception
  • Auto check out all visitors at midnight

User app

ONES User app provide an easy access to data about all your visitors, invites, notification and more.
  • Manage visitor data, invites, and more
  • Allow teams to manage their visitors and invites
  • Quick access to visitor management by mobile

Visitor Survey

Customized your survey and request your visitor to answer before their arrival.
  • Easy to create various types of question (Y/N; Option; Text)
  • Send your survey with your invitation for visitor to fill in
  • Collect the survey data for visitor screening and analysis

Room and service reservation

Reservate the room and service for your visiting without changing platform.

Security and compliance


Visitor records

ONES can help you to keep track of your visitor with detailed record.
  • Visitor data log is always up-to-date
  • Easy to review all visitor information and survey record
  • Export, filter and search visitor data with one click
  • View the data analytics for insights
  • Enforce data protection by data mask and purge

Onsite security

Keeping your team and property safe begins at the front desk.
  • Print badges to identify authorized visitors
  • Notify teams when backlisted visitors attempt to sign in
  • Invite visitors to create a list of authorized guests
  • Set approval procedure for special needs
  • Allow hosts to approve unexpected guests
  • Keep track of the visitor on-site status

Account management


User permission

Provide full support to specify different level of access right for your teams
  • Provision the suitable access for administrator, receptionist and approver
  • Allow teams to manage their visitors
  • Assign assistant to invite for their boss

Directory management

Employees in the directory can add guests, send invitations, and do more things.
  • From admin console, you can manage your user directory
  • Sync your user by CSV, manual input or integration
  • Disable the employees when they left your organization

Multi-location management

ONES supports your multi-location needs, no matter any new office is added or multiple buildings
  • Allow multi-location invitation
  • See your visitors, data log, and devices across locations in single view
  • Easy to add and remove any locations
  • Manage the visitor and sign-in flow for multi-location in one platform
  • Allow to assign different staff to support corresponding locations

Cloud-based platform

ONES provides cloud-based platform, making set-up and maintain easy and smooth.
  • Easy to set-up, deploy and maintain
  • Get our new feature without further update
  • Welcome to set in private cloud based on your needs

Self-service panel


Stylish and customizable

Upgrade your modern entrance to impress your visitors upon their arrival
  • Impress guests with a modern sign-in process
  • Create a welcoming experience for every visitor
  • Free up your team more time to welcome each visitor
  • Various modern interface themes and customized company logo
  • Multiple languages

Streamlined check-in

Customize the check-in flow to capture exactly what you need for your visitors.
  • Unlimited visitors check in
  • Support on-site registration
  • Recognize returning and expected visitors
  • Show meeting location on 3D floorplan
  • Customized fields and surveys
  • Visitor badge printing
A brand-new experience for your visitor
ONES empowers your office to welcome guests while ensuring your office visitors have a smooth experience ever.
Self-service panel

Self-service panel

When a visitor arrives, they can scan their QR code from their invite message to check-in on the panel.
Printer & QR Code Scanner

Printer & QR Code Scanner

Print the visitor badge with QR code for your visitor which can easy track your visitor status and verify visitor identity.
Turn your office into a smart workspace
We can show you how ONES can help to integrate smart office technologies into your business.
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Turn your office into a smart workspace
We can show you how ONES can help to integrate smart office technologies into your business.
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