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Your new way to collaborate meeting.

Room booking


Room calendar

Get your real-time updates and create bookings at ease.
  • Instant access to your room reservation records.
  • Show all your room booking records on the calendar.
  • Search and filter out your bookings and room with a few clicks.
  • Easily review each previous bookings you made.
  • Create and edit meetings at once or periodically.

Room finder

With room finder, you can easily find the room that suitable for your meeting within few clicks.
  • List of resource detail showing room detail, capacity, facilities, and status.
  • Numerous room types for filtering, such as meeting rooms, function rooms, etc.
  • Filter rooms by status, availability, amenity, location, and capacity.
  • Quick View of all room status and location on our 3D floor plan.
  • Allow users to compare schedules of different rooms.
  • Create and edit meetings in multiple rooms at once.

Floor plan

A clear overview of real-time room status and availability in a floor plan layout.
  • Show the room location on the 3D floor plan.
  • Show the real-time room status with color.
  • Easily review all the room availability in each time frame.
  • Indicate all the facilities, such as toilets, elevators, and exits on the floor.
  • Allow users to reserve the room on the floor plan directly.

Booking creation

Users can easily find the available room and invite attendees to join your meeting.
  • Find a suitable room for your meeting based on your meeting time, room availability, amenity, location, and capacity.
  • Invite attendees to join your meeting and send out notifications for meeting detail.
  • Support different types of cross-day and recurring meetings.
  • Automatically detect any collision with current room booking records.

Room management


Management calendar

The administrator can easily review and edit all the room reservations on the management calendar.
  • Easily search the reservation of each room on the calendar.
  • Filter your favorite room by different criteria, such as capacity, location, amenity, etc.
  • Edit any room booking based on the requirement.
  • View the bookings by day, week, month, or room.
  • Export and print your room schedule with 1-click.

Room policy

Setting up policies can ensure every staff could have equal opportunity and permission to book a resource.
  • Booking pattern setting, such as recurrence, all day, cross day, etc.
  • Allow out-of-business-hour bookings.
  • Booking time/date limit setting.
  • Configuration for creating multiple bookings at the same time.
  • Booking confidentiality setting.
  • Check-in/check-out/extend booking setting.
  • Configuration of booking permission and channel.
  • Configuration of Terms and Conditions.

Room allocation

Assign your room to the exact location in the office floor plan.
  • Delicate location hierarchy including building, floor, and location on the floor plan.
  • Allow user to filter the room by location
  • Easy to find the room on the floor plan

User Permission

Users can easily set different levels of permission for room to users.
  • Configuration of user/user group authentication to reserve a particular room.
  • Configuration of user/user group authentication to access the room detail.
  • Block the user/user group from using particular room resource.

Business hour

Set the business hour for each room to prevent unexpected reservations.
  • Delicate business hour setting including time zone and days of each week setting.
  • Support customized holidays for particular regions and company needs.
  • Decline any out-of-business-hour reservation based on policy setting.


Assign the amenities in the room for room searching.
  • Provide various amenities choices with icon that are easy to recognize
  • Customize your own amenity for your meeting rooms.
  • Search your perfect room for your meeting based on the amenities you need.

Room setting

Freely customize your room to help user to find and manage based on their needs.
  • Numerous room types for filtering, such as meeting room, function room, etc.
  • Room location of the 3D floor plan.
  • Customized background image, shown on the room display.
  • Setting for business hour and holiday of the room.
  • Delicate room policy and user restrictions.
  • Customizable room service setting.
  • Advanced booking approval mechanism.
  • Combine multiple rooms as one larger room for more flexible usage.

Analytics and Reporting

Users can easily monitor the room status and find out the backlog for each reservation.
  • Dashboard for today's room booking.
  • Line chart for different analytics of user usage and no-show reservation.
  • Audit trail of creation and change of each room booking.

Quota setting

A quota mechanism that can help user to control the usage of room.
  • Customized quota setting for the room, such as charge frequency, the charge amount, refund policy, etc.
  • Allow setting different quota policies for each user, such as the frequency and amount of quota release.
  • Automatic quota calculation when the user creates and edits a room booking
  • Provide quota history for users and administrators to trace the quota usage.


Help user to find and book room with ease
Booking a room is now a enjoyable experience with ONES. Using with suitable devices installed in your office, people can easily book the ideal meeting room for their meeting on the fly.

Room display

Easily reserve your meeting in front of your conference room.
  • Support Crestron, Qbic, and Philips informational display.
  • Adaptable wall-mounted touch panel for room booking.
  • Easy to create, extend, check in, and check out booking with few clicks.
  • Provide high-level user verification to prevent room abuse.

Floor display

ONES 3D floor plan allow the user to easily view the office live status and directly reserve the room on the screen.
  • Support Qbic BXP-300 for high-quality floor display.
  • Easy to search, create, extend, check in and check out a booking on the floor plan.
  • Quick View of all room status and location on our 3D floor plan.
  • Impress your guest with your modern, well-designed floor plan.
Turn your office into a smart workspace
We can show you how ONES can help to integrate smart office technologies into your business.
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Turn your office into a smart workspace
We can show you how ONES can help to integrate smart office technologies into your business.
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