Keep your staffs safe during COVID-19

Keep your employees and visitor healthy and safe with Bookings ONE. Visitor management and workspace scheduling to help manage the return to the office during and after COVID-19.
Cope with new normal
Companies face various challenges in managing workplaces during the COVID-19 pandemic. Bringing employees back into the workplace requires careful management so that they can keep themselves safe and work more flexibly. What challenges are they facing now?
Keep hosting visitors safe
Visitor hosting is one of the main challenge in these COVID-19 pandemic period. Admin need to request visitor to provide the past travel history and health status, and keep tracking these records for any further actions to prevent any unaware contact of tested positive vistiors with their staffs.
Maintain staff social distancing
Social distancing is the new norm for every staff to remain safe. For each workspace or meeting room, admin need to achieve the maximum number of people who can safely use ay workstation or meeting room, which can introduce the COVID-19 guidances efficiently, and hopefully with full visibility for all the staffs.
Effective workspace sanitization
Workspace sanitization need to be done between uses to prevent any possible spread of infection. A space management is required to manage the sanitization procedure among the workspace scheduling.
Provide flexibility to employees
Staffs required enough visibility on when they can come to the workstation and who they will be able to work together in same site. Company also need to provide flexibility for employee to select which day they will work at home.
Take care of your visitor
Via our visitor management module, you can know who will visit your office, by what time and why. See if any visitor doesn’t meet your criteria for entry through form-filling, and introduce a healthy workplace by touch-free sign-in.
Pre-screen visitor
Visitors are required to fill-in registration form before visiting. If any visitor didn't meet the criteria like healthy or security, you can refuse their entry.
Touch-free login 
Bookings ONE introduce a seamless touch-free registration procedure, visitor only need to scan the QR code and register on their mobile devices.
Contact tracing search
Once an employee or visitor tests positive, admin can instantly search and find out details of employees that were working closely or attended a meeting for further appropriate action.
Keep distance and flexibility
Workspace scheduling module can help you to keep both the social distance and flexibility of your employees. How desks, workspace, and sanitization will be in different form in the coming new normal.
Reduce workspace density
Within few steps, you can adjust current workspace for effective social distancing by reducing the meeting room capacity and the number of usable hot desks.
Take control online
Employees can reserve a workspace on the web or mobile admin console. They can easily search for a available space and book it for multiple days. Then their colleagues will be informed the days they plan to work on-site or from their home.
Keep workspace clean
Preset the cleaning service for the required workspace beforehand, and the reservation workflow will trigger the sanitization request for keep next user safe and healthy.
Safeguard your staff from virus
We can provide tips and tools to run an smart office that helps your team stay healthy and productive in COVID-19 period.
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