Smart office management system

We strive to offer the best user experience to our business partners while fulfilling the needs of both management and staff. Bookings ONE can upgrade corporate image and improve staff efficiency.

Bookings ONE will help you prepare for a hybrid working environment and adapt to the post-epidemic office changes early, which will be of great benefit to the competitiveness and image of your business.
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Key features
We understand the challenges that companies face in managing their business, from room booking, resource allocation, guest reception, etc. With Bookings ONE, we seek to consolidate all business management functions under one platform. With Bookings ONE, we aim to alleviate the burden on businesses by intelligently integrating all business management functions under one roof.
One-stop smart office management
Bookings ONE smart office platform supports a wide range of business needs, including hot-desk and meeting room management, visitor management, resource data analysis and IoT device management, helping businesses to perform a painless digital transformation and embrace the change to a hybrid working model.
Booking scheduling
The basics of room/hot-desk booking system rooted in the booking schedule. Bookings ONE strives to create a concise and clear schedule presentation and support all operations in computers interfaces and mobile devices. You can browse the latest schedule and manage booking, wherever you happen to be, just a few clicks on your mobile phone.
Auto free up unused meetings
To enforce punctuality and resource usability, Bookings ONE will help to cancel the booking if no one "check in" or confirms the meeting on time via our application. Set your allow-period in Bookings ONE.
3D Floor plan
Bookings ONE 3D floor plan strive to adopt a new interface concept and break the traditional form of managing rooms with lists and tables.

With our 3D map engine, users can easily convert their floor plan to interactive 3D map, and manage the rooms directly without wasting time to look for a specific room in the ocean of data.
Calendar integration
With seamless integration with calendar systems including Exchange server / Office 365, and support Google Calendar / Lotus Notes, Bookings ONE synchronize bookings from these third-party system simultaneously.
Progressive web application
Reserve your rooms and manage corporate resources with Bookings ONE on your desktop and mobile in any time, any place.
Real-time analytics
In order for the management to utilize and allocate company resources efficiently, conference rooms in particular, Bookings ONE generates graphical analytics and reports that could be exported to Excel file to facilitate readability and better understanding on information such as utilization rate of rooms, the length of booking and absence rate to use a room of respective users at different times.
Integrate with application you have already used
Use Bookings ONE via iPhone, iPad, or Android devices as room displays, floor displays or check-in kiosks. Connect with Outlook, Google Calendar, iCalendar or Lotus Notes. Integrate into Microsoft Exchange Server or Office 365.
Integration with
Support Calendar
Lotus Notes
More features
There are much more features for you to explore, assist you to improve workplace experience.
Central Management
Web Based Console
Support Mobile Device
Monitor Real-time status
Facility setting
Internal announcements
Multiple theme and UI
Display Management
Daily Booking Schedule
Logo & Wallpaper Setting
QR Code Check In
Realtime Book Room
Room & Desk management
Room Policy Setting
Auto Release No Show
Amenities Setting
3D Floor Plan
Disable Out of Service
Booking Management
Different View Of Calendar
User Restriction Setting
Booking Policy Setting
Single/Recurring Booking
Auto Filter Suitable Room
Email Invite Attendee
Card Reader
System API
Analytics/ Report
Booking Summary Report
Export Excel Report
Floor Display
Real Time Booking Info
Booking On Floor Display
Support & Service
Booking Service
Issue reporting
Turn your office into a smart workspace
We can show you how Bookings ONE can help to integrate smart office technologies into your business.
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