Hot desk booking module

Provide a more agile office by introducing digital desk booking platform. Assist user to reserve a workspace easily via few touches on screen.
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Manage your workspace in a more efficient way
Bookings ONE offers a management platform for implement agile desk booking; Assist your staff to search and reserve a workspace that meets their needs. Support both Microsoft Exchange Server and Office 365.
Real time analytics platform
We provide an advanced analytic platform to foster your office management efficiency. By understanding the actual usage rate of your hot desks, you can make a wiser and better decision in resource management and allocation.
No show auto release
To ensure a higher degree of resource utilization, unused bookings will be automatically cancelled and free up for other users. The office productivity can be ensured, and punctuality can be enforced, creating a more efficient working environment.
Hot desk scheduling
Manage your bookings on an integrated calendar and keep aware of any booking updates via our booking management platform. A clear overview of weekly bookings will be shown on your schedule.
User policy and configuration
Maintain social distance by arranging suitable number of users to corresponding workstations to minimize the risk of internal infection. Assign users to corresponding desks to foster a better work shift arrangement.
Supporting multiple platform and calendar
Connect with Outlook, Google Calendar, iCalendar or Lotus Notes. Integrate into Microsoft Exchange Server or Office 365.
Multiple calendar integration
Our module supports both Microsoft Exchange and Office 365 and provide system integration to these calendar systems in order to fulfil the needs of different users.
Multiple devices supported
The hot desk booking module supports users to make their reservations by any devices (desktop, mobile, iPad), at anytime, anywhere, creating higher flexibility and convenience.
Higher flexibility, working satisfaction, and knowledge exchange
Employees are allowed to select their workstation which provide a higher level of flexibility. A comfy workstation can indeed boost their daily performance and enhance concentration to their works. Apart from that, flexible seating not only can benefit project-based activity and improve collaboration between different departments, but also can foster ideas exchange and better learning environment.
Increase workplace visibility
Desk displays
Our desk displays provide a agile tool to book and manage your desks. By installing a compact booking device onto the desk, staffs can reserve or check in the workspace by few touches and tapping in with their RFID access cards.
Check-in kiosk
The check-in kiosk provides the interactive 3D floor plan that clearly indicate the availability status of the working area, and allow users to reserve the desks by few touches. The floor plan can also guide you to your reserved seats easily.
Turn your office into a smart workspace
We can show you how Bookings ONE can help to integrate smart office technologies into your business.
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