Use cases

Bookings ONE apply to various types of case, support different industry to improve their workspace experience.
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Convert into a more flexible and agile workplace.
Smart workspace, based on leading-edge Internet technology that centralizes the control of crucial operation and services of an enterprise through data collection, creates a more advanced and people-oriented workplace under collaborative workings of Internet technology.

While the enhanced user experience in smart office settings facilitates staff productivity and helps to attract and retain talents, businesses also enjoy savings in cost and boost in brand values through a more flexible and efficient deployment of existing workspace.
Efficient room booking can greatly reduce room vacancy rate, opening up new sources of finance and cutting down expenditure with effective utilization of space resources.
Co-working space
Hot desk booking can assist to allocate seats to employees as they are required,. Free up unused space and increase the flexibility and space efficiency of working space.
Get inspired from smart workspace technologies.
Explore the trends, not just office, Booking ONE drives changes in many different business. Are your businesses prepared enough to respond to these evolving factors.
Government facility
You can make reservation on courts/pitches, activity rooms and other government leisure facilities with a few clicks on the booking display.
Sport center
You can manage studios of multiple centers at the same time, showing clearly when and where the classes are, without confusing the cross-center users.
Event venue
The system can be installed and applied in a wide range of venues from conference rooms to gaming rooms.
Education venue
You can reserve the venues/facilities on a recurrent basis of weekly, bi-weekly or monthly arrangement for up to a year.
The display shows clearly all the same-day events, hotel guests can easily reach their destinations following the directions on the display.
Turn your office into a smart workspace
We can show you how Bookings ONE can help to integrate smart office technologies into your business.
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