Support & service module

Provide full support and service for your office that gives everyone a great smart office experience.
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Integrate various office service
Bookings ONE can integrate various office service into our management system, provide a seamless service pipeline for the booking service.
Office Service Process
  • Service setting
    Preset a list of services and assign to appropriate rooms.
  • Select service
    Select required service when reserving a booking.
  • Service notfication
    Notify your service staff when any new service need their assistance, on mobile and email.
  • Status follow-up
    Follow up all the service status on the list.
Introduce support workflow for your smart office
Bookings ONE offers full workflow for office support, from reporting, handling, status tracing to data analytics.
Support Workflow
  • Report on device
    Report any isssue encountered on the booking device when using the room.
  • Report notfication
    Notify the support staff when an issue reported, on mobile and email.
  • Status follow-up
    Follow up all the support status on the list.
Turn your office into a smart workspace
We can show you how Bookings ONE can help to integrate smart office technologies into your business.
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