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Optimize Your Workplace Experience with ONES

By leveraging the latest technology, we can help you optimize your workspace and create an environment that your team will love and thrive in.
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Unlock the Potential of Your Workspace

Unlock the Potential of Your Workspace

Enhance Office Efficiency with Streamlined Logistics

Equip your workforce with the tools and amenities they need to perform at their best, including everything from hot-desking, guest management to high-quality monitors.
checkmark Data-driven decision: Unlock the Power of Data for Optimal Resource Allocation in the Workplace. You can know how many desks and what kind of room you really need.
checkmark Issue report: Facilitate Efficient Reporting of Broken Resources with ONES' Room Displays and In-App Report System.
checkmark Pattern identification: Leverage the Power of Workplace Analytics to Identify No-show Pattern, Popular In-Office Days, and Opportunities for Improvement.
Use your office resource easily, efficiently


Implement desk hoteling, which allow user to reserve their desk from anywhere based on their needs.
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Room scheduling

User can easily book their room within few clicks on their mobile for their virtual or personal meeting.
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Support & service

Providing the best hybrid working experience by full support and service to your guests and employees.
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Turn your office into a hybrid workspace
We can show you how ONES can help to integrate smart office technologies into your business.
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