Meeting room booking and scheduling system
Bookings ONE
Provide new insights to your office to improve productivity
Find and manage bookings easily on screen
Booking schedule
The basics of room booking system rooted in the booking schedule. Bookings ONE strives to create a concise and clear schedule presentation and support all operations in computers interfaces and mobile devices.
Control room resource right at the door, on your laptop
Room signage
Bookings ONE display mounted outside the room shows clearly the current booking status and operating condition of the room, creating an energizing image for the company while gently reminding staff and guests of the meeting location.
Can work standalone, with fully support of Google and Outlook
Calendar Integration
We devoted time in developing seamless integration with calendar systems including Google Calendar, Exchange server and Office 365 that are commonly used in the business sector, and succeeded in synchronizing bookings made through a third-party system into Bookings ONE simultaneously.
Display real-time workspace environment on floor plan
3D Floor plan
Bookings ONE has additionally placed emphasis on the 3D floor plan of each floor, besides providing standard lists of data-set. We visualize all booking status on a map, you will be informed of dozens room status at a glance. Easily readable and understandable.
Easy to analyse workspace productivity through info-graphic
Real-time Analytics
Bookings ONE generates graphical analytics and reports that could be exported to Excel file to facilitate readability and better understanding on information, such as utilization rate of rooms, the length of booking and absence rate to use a room of respective users at different times.
Plugin the power, enter the installation code, DONE!
Easy to install
Rather than following tons of instruction to install one signage player, Bookings ONE just need to scan an installation code on your mobile phone to complete whole installation.

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