Video conference solution

An easy-to-use video conferencing solution help you bridge unlimited participants
When remote work is a necessity, video conference is the core of your workflow
Under the threat of Covid 19, many companies are adjusting their workplace policies to adopt hybrid working or working from home. With the decrease of face to face meeting, online collaboration will become a trend. In order to help companies to achieve online collaboration efficiency, we also provide video conference solution that custom according to your requirements.
How it can help your business?
Strengthen communication security
We offer not only cloud-based hosting, but also self-hosted services, which can enjoy better network security protection than other online conference platform.
Sustain competitive advantage
With the right unified video conferencing system for communication, you can maintain a strong business position through effective collaboration, speed decision making and productivity improvement.
Reduced travel time and costs
Video conferencing can help your managers, internal teams, and IT personnel to participate in client meetings or solve issues without leaving their position, which can help drive business productivity.
Increase mobility
Video conferencing support commuication on smartphones, tablets, and laptops with people anytime, anywhere.
Well organized schedule
Video conferencing can be correlated to the meeting schedule system, help you well organize your daily workflow.
Structured Meetings with Improved Communications
Fast setup and easy-to-use video conferencing services help you connect to participants without limitations. We also offer both cloud-based hosting and self-hosted services to meet different business and network security needs.
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