Scheduling solution

Give your staff and clients the power to book anytime and manage your appointments with few clicks
Availability is of Utmost Importance of a business
Schedule conflicts could happen everywhere, from workplace to campus. A custom scheduling software can help you to eliminate conflicts of availability. You may have higher flexibility in configuring and adjusting the schedule in considerations of the users’ actual demands. User can also check their schedule easily by any devices, anywhere, at any time. We strive to develop a software that is user-friendly and able to create excellent user experience.
We focus on solving various scheduling problems
Manage your bookings on Bookings ONE integrated calendar, and keep aware of any meeting updates via our booking management platform.
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How it can help your business?
Control your availability in any time, any place
An online scheduling platform can help you to manage multiple locations and employees on a calendar at the same time.
Effectively Track and Manage Absences
Easily track your staff and team members attendancy by a visualized report. Simplify the time-consuming absence management can have you focus on the core business value.
Keep everybody on the same page
A clear and clean interface gives you visibility of all the information at one place. Any alteration on the schedule as per the staff own availability is made instantly, while the HR and the management are ensured to be informed and on the same page with them.
Eliminate schedule conflict with one click
Scheduling system can help you prevent any schedule conflict, and find the appropriate timeslot and venue for your next meeting.
Schedule flexibly. Forecast accurately. Manage easily.
Efficient scheduling software allows employees and clients to manage their schedule any place, any time. Just through a mobile device, you can now easing the pain of struggling with the business schedule.
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