Mapping / Way finding solution

From shoppings malls, exhibition centres to office complexes, digital wayfinding/mapping is the ideal solution to these use cases.
Allocate resources effectively with our management solution
If you are afraid of visitors getting lost in your site – no worries! We offer way finding solution to provide your customers a more interactive visiting experience. Not only can we customize the software, but also offer superior functions which could help you to have a more visualized and interactive 3D floor plan. You can help your visitors to find their ways to destinations, we can help you to find the way to deliver the best solutions!
Turn your office into an advanced and people-oriented workspace
Bookings ONE offers a 3D floorplan for clean view of availability and reservations, guide your customer to the right place.
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Why digital wayfinding/ mapping?
Boost efficiency, save cost
Compared to traditional service desk, digital wayfinding is a cost effective solution that can save the human cost, able to be installed in multiple locations with minimal maintenance cost.
Leverage Digital Automation
Transform traditional human services into digital services, allowing visitors to obtain the information they need on their own. Reducing operating expenses, and integrating new digital technologies with stable business services.
Enhance corporate image
Interactive digital device can reinforce your brand. By adding some interactions, people’s attention can be drawn to the touchscreens and kiosks, increase their interest in other components displayed on the screen.
Better visitor experience
When all of facilities, design and information converge with regards to mapping and wayfinding, it truly creates a seamless experience where finding your way is almost like a simple nature.
New standard of way guidance system
Wayfinding software puts user experience first. A seamless wayfinding experience makes navigating and managing facilities much easier and improves people’s interaction with the building.
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