Attendance tracking solution

A ideal solution for you to track and manage all leave, leave requests and salary calculation.
The effective way to handle time off and attendance
We offer custom attendance tracking software development in hope of helping companies or schools to check the participations and attendance of the students and employees. We strive to minimize the human effort spent in taking and recording the attendance, the developed software will precisely demonstrate all the figure and data you need, so that office managers can get a clear picture of the attendance and bookings no show rate, while HR can have a precise view of the payroll.
Why digital attendance tracking?
Visualize the attendance issue
The attendance page in the digital platform clearly records the employee’s working hours, overtime, paid leave, absence, etc. We save your time going through each Excel files by visualizing the data via graphs.
Prevent Micro Managing and save time
Any time off request can be received, approved and denied in just a few clicks. It helps managers move on to more important tasks and free from overmanagement of attendance.
Improve transparency
Whole tracking process can be access on the platform by employees, this not only save for HR people to dig into filing cabinet for any request, but also increase the transparency of attedance tracking and easily demonstrate to employees that their time is valued.
Prevent Pay Errors
When all of facilities, design and information converge with regards to mapping and wayfinding, it truly creates a seamless experience where finding your way is almost like a simple nature.
New standard of way guidance system
A proper attendance tracking system ensures that no one skips a day of pay or gets overpaid when they are taking a no paid leave. It can also help your team members track their attendance record and vacation days they have remaining. By simplifying the creation of reports, HR department can easily prevent pay errors on your team’s pay cheques.
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